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7th Szigetköz/Vének cart, canicross, bikerjöring, dogscooter race.

Categories: A, A1, A2, B, B1, B2, C, C1, C2, D, D1, D2
Scooter with 2 FCI purebred sled dogs
Scooter open with 2 dogs
bikejöring with 1 or 2 FCI purebred sled dogs
bikejöring open with 1 or 2 dogs
Canicross woman (senior / veteran)
Canicross man (senior / veteran)
Canicross junior
Canicross youth
Canicross kid
Canicross baby

Trail: 5 km.

Entry deadline:
I. 20th september
II. 1th October

Entry fee:
I. deadline: 18 euros.
II. deadline: 22 euros

More start: + 3 euros.
Canicross junior: 8 euros, canicross youth: 3 euros, canicross kid and baby: free.